Hosts and servers

Choosing the right host and server is as important as designing and executing the project. At Nilasoft, the most suitable host and server are offered to you. A server can have different performances depending on CPU, RAM, memory space and hard drive. A powerful CPU increases the processing power of the server. The advantages of high RAM include high traffic and server stability. The more memory space a server has, the more data and information you can put on your website. High-speed SSDs help speed up the loading of your website. By choosing the right host, you will enjoy high security, technology synchronization, cloud backup, secure storage, and more. Nilasoft guides and serves you by providing the best hosting and server services.
Hosts and servers


There are different types of hosts and servers according to your needs. The servers have a powerful CPU and high RAM. They have powerful internet bandwidth and a lot of traffic. You may have paid for the most expensive server but not know which server is optimal to your needs; In these cases, you can get help from Nilasoft’s consulting team in order to make the best choice. A host has lesser consumption costs in comparison to a server. It has good security and is easy to manage. Nilasoft accompanies and supports your business by providing services fit to the needs of your website.

Virtual hosts and servers

Our goal at Nilasoft is to provide facilities to IT businesses. Nilasoft is ready to serve you by providing quality hosts equipped with SSD, on top of the most secure telecommunication tower in Iran (Milad Tower) from inside the country.

Hosting and server pricing plans

You can compare and choose the following hosting services according to your needs.

Shared hosting

Hosts and servers

Up to 1 terabyte of bandwidth

Ability to launch 11 websites

Database size up to 3 GB

High speed SSD

Milad Tower Data Center

Weekly backup schedule

WordPress Web Hosting

Hosts and servers

 Up to 240 GB in size

Unlimited bandwidth

Unlimited database size

SSD High speed SSD

Milad Tower Data Center

Daily backups

Nilasoft Host

Hosts and servers

width per extra GB

500GB of band

Initial host set up+ one

gigabyte of free space

High speed SSD

Milad Tower Data Center

Weekly Backup

Technologies used by Nilasoft

Nilasoft always strives to use the latest and most optimal coding and IT technologies. Using the most optimized programs allows you to experience high speed, high traffic and other components that improve your performance. By using the best programming languages and frameworks, Nilasoft’s programming team will get the most out of your website so that you can have the best performance among your competitors.

Hosts and servers

Other Nilasoft services

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