The Version Control Service

Through the help of a version control service, which was previously developed by tools such as GitLab, you have a library of different versions of files through your working period. The version control service can be useful for every job for which, information is important at regular intervals. Through this, it will be possible for you to have all versions of your projects completely secure. If you come across a problem or a malfunction in your system, you can easily go back to your previous and reliable versions. Version control service is very vital for team projects. By providing a reliable version control service, you as the system administrator can give each team member a specific level of access and the original project modification permission. You can monitor all the details of each change including time, operator and more.

Version control service

Advantages of using the version control system

Using the version control service, you can share your project with others and allow developers to develop it. Without this technology, you have to manually copy, compare, and modify changes using traditional methods. One of the advantages of the version control service is that different developers can work on a project and each change is registered under the same developer’s name. If at any time, a central server failed and data is lost, a backup copy of all files and latest changes made by one of the developers uploads to the server.

The Version Control Service

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