Development process rules:

  1. Adjusting the needs and estimating the cost and time: In the second session, your needs will be adjusted and the time and the price of the project will be estimated.
  2. Payment: One third of the total amount of project cost will be received in this meeting.
  3. Sending the requirement file: The requirement file will be sent, in order for you to provide the necessary information for us.
  4. Sending the initial design: A mockup of the plan and the layout of the project will be sent to you so that you can express your opinion in order to change the layout if necessary.
  5. Sending information: After sending the requirement file and receiving your approval regarding the graphic file, you can send your information in a period of three days, so that your project can finalize in a shorter time.

Note: If information is not sent by you within the specified time period; Our team starts its work. Places temporary information and tests until your information is submitted and replaced. If you postpone the transmission of the information for a long time, there will be a separate fee for the time spent.

  1. Initial demonstration of the project: A session for the initial demonstration will be set up for you in order to confirm the process and mention the requested changes and corrections.
  2. Confirmation: In this meeting, according to the initial demonstration of the project, your approval will be received to make sure of your satisfaction of the process. You can also list required changes and requested corrections.
  3. Payment: Another third of the total amount will be received.
  4. Presentation of the completed website: At this point, all the changes mentioned in the previous session have been done and the design of the website has been completed. A new session will be set up to show you the completion of the site.
  5. Payment: The remaining amount will be received.
  6. Applying changes: In this session, you can mention the minor bugs and changes that you want to be applied as well, and if necessary, another session will be set for you to complete the changes.

important points:

  • In all sessions, changes requested for correction, if minor, are made. But if there are general/fundamental changes, it is checked and the time and cost of doing it, is added to the total amount.
  • If the customer generally requests larger changes that will cause the site to be redesigned; Depending on the work done, the relevant costs will be received. The new website project is then started, and the new website fee is received according to the rules.
  • If the client requests changes during the process that have not been mentioned in the previous meetings; All changes are reviewed and performed. There will be a separate time and fee for these changes.

Support rules:

  1. After the completion and delivery of the project, the technical team will make time for your project in a period of 2 to 3 weeks, during this time you can inform the technical team of the minor problems that you encountered while using the project. The technical team will solve your project’s problem in the fastest possible time and completely free of charge.

Note: If after several months you have a request to fix any technical problems; You must first share your problem with the support team on the ticket through your user panel. Your ticket will be reviewed with high priority and you will be notified after estimating the cost and time of the mentioned problem. If you approve, the problem will be resolved as soon as possible.

  1. Keep the website loading without any technical problems and make it always available.
  2. In regard to any unusual problems and disruptions such as the local Internet or the organizations from which it is serviced; You will be informed to stay informed and aware of the cause of the problem.
  3. All user accounts are purchased with the customer’s own bank account or amounts are received from the customer and purchased for them. (Does not charge automatically)
  4. Ten hours of work to make minor changes per year is free. If the changes are not minor, the time will be checked and the fee will be received.
  5. Hosts, domains and templates are purchased. If the host and domain are provided by the customer; After the completion and delivery of the project, one-year support is not provided. In other words, hosts, domains and support are one package.
  6. When the site administrator account information is given to the customer; the customer has the ability to make all the changes. In this case, the project will not be supported.