Server configuration

If you’re using a virtual or exclusive server to implement your website or service on the Internet, you must enhance particular settings for the server. You need to provide a platform on your server to help you get the tools you need for the implementation of your website. The configuration of the server without any interruptions requires technical and professional expertise in order to meet your expectations. By providing server configuration, Nilasoft helps with the speed improvement, better panel management and the appropriate density of your website.

Server configuration


It is not enough to install an operating system and control panel on the server in order to provide web and hosting services, because the default settings cannot be sufficient. Depending on your project and the visit rate, you need to install the appropriate operating system so that you can have the tools and all prerequisites available. Configuration greatly affects the loading of the website. It also helps you maintain the speed of your website during the peak user traffic hours. If done correctly and professionally, you can use your server more efficiently and save on server costs. In addition, Engineers at Nilasoft, do the configuration on the Docker platform; Because it is easily transferred while the security and speed managements are done at a more specified level.

Best performance with Nilasoft

Technical experts at Nilasoft are ready to team up with you at any time in order to configure and manage your servers. This service is not only available for people who have purchased their servers from Nilasoft. If you already have a server, Nilasoft will be ready to serve you as well.

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